Artist-led workshops

For preschool, primary and secondary schools

Curated by the art team

Duration: 2h

In these workshops practicing artists share their approach to art with the participants, facilitating them in experimenting with the creative process and research. The workshops encourage individual and group expression and explore traditional as well as innovative art techniques. It is possible to choose among one of the workshops connected to the current exhibition theme, or among the many activities already experimented in the past. 

It is possible to combine a guided visit with a workshop. The group will experience a whole morning dedicated to art, lasting around 4 hours, and including a short break. 

The workshops 'In the dark forest', 'Weaver animals' and 'Mythological hybrids" are also available in English. 

 To find out more and to book contact the learning services:

Elena Tognoli:

Tel/fax: +39 030 2792086


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