We are tired of war, we want peace

Deadline: 31st May 2018

International drawing prize. Call for entries. 


“We are tired of war, we want peace”


  • To give value to graphic and pictorial languages as important tools for children to express themselves and their creativity
  • To encourage children and young adults to reflect upon the theme of peace. Peace is understood as the possibility to live according to one’s own capacity and individual rights such as free expression of thought, creative expression, freedom of movement, right to family life, to play, to study, to express emotions.Peace is also understood as the development of one’s own community through housing, food, work, education, art, sport, music, religion and other communal activities. In contrast, war is always the negation of life. 


Children and young adults aged 6 to 15


All the artwork must be submitted by 31st May 2018.

Find out more by downloading the call for entries. 

Fondazione PInAC is pleased to announce that after having carefully evaluated the submitted drawings the jury selected the competition winners and special mentions. The decision was based on the selection criteria outlined in the call for entries and cannot be changed. Download the attached document for further details. 


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