disegno di un uccello e un pesce dorati

PInAC’s logo represents a little yellow house with a red roof, its walls are a picture-frame. With the arms wide open it welcomes its visitors: as part of its mission, PInAC is an inclusive museum open to everyone and it is committed to guaranteeing the accessibility of its exhibitions and learning services to all visitors

The spaces of Fondazione PInAC are completely accessible to visitors with physical impairments as they are equipped with ramps and a lift. 

PInAC offers specifically designed learning tools and supports to allow visitors with cognitive and physical disabilities to take part in the museum’s activities individually, or as part of a group. 

PInAC leads the MAC network (Musei Accessibili e Creatività: Accessible Museums and Creativity) that brings together important museum institutions within the Brescia province that are committed to including children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities, coming from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, or using Italian as an additional language.

With the projects ARCA and Nuova didattica per ARCA e MAC (New didactic for ARCA and MAC), PInAC invests in the training of museum professionals, promoting specific professional skills, awareness and the sensitivity necessary to support people with disabilities. 

To find out more contact the learning services:

Massimiliano Vitali: 

Tel/fax: +39 030 2792086

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